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Recogniform Banknotes Processor

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Recogniform Banknotes Processor is the ideal solution for banknotes serials and amount recognition. This powerful application allows you to get images from any TWAIN source, recognize serials and amount and create detailed customizable reports with all info needed.

2. Banknotes Acquisition
You can get your images from any TWAIN scanner supporting greyscale or color acquisition. You don't need special hardware: a normal desktop document scanner equipped with ADF is enough.

3. Banknotes Recognition
Recogniform Banknotes Processor recognizes all serials automatically anywhere on the image, independent of skew, orientation and flipping. You'll get high recognition accuracyand performance also under poor quality conditions, thank to the powerful Recogniform image processing libraries incorporated in the application. The recognition result is verified using cross validation when two serial numbers are present on each banknote and/or using checksum when available, updating the recognition confidence level.  Recogniform B.P. recognizes the amount of the banknote, too.

Banknote recognition...

4. Correction/Validation
After recognition you will see a detailed summary of the transaction: each banknote scanned is reported with its own progressive ID, the transaction ID, its serial number, the amount and the confidence level (from 0 to 100).

If the confidence rate is lower than 100, you will see a red mark on the record. Just double click on it and the image of the banknote to validate is displayed. As You correct, the confidence level is set to 100.

5. Report
Thanks to its easy-to-use Report module, you will get a detailed report of all banknotes processed, with all info needed. Connected to a database of "black-listed" serial numbers, for example, you could be able to find immediately false banknotes, making serial number recognition a powerful weapon in the fight against crime.



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