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Olivetti PR2 Scanner TWAIN Driver


The Olivetti PR2 Scanner is a banking/postal printer with an embedded scanner.

This driver allows to use the Olivetti PR2 Scanner with every Windows application able to acquire images from a TWAIN source.

The advantage is that the Olivetti PR2 printer can be used with every existing application: dtp, optical storage, fax, form processing, ocr, etc…


Technical Specifications

  • Conform to TWAIN 1.8 standard
  • Scanning with or without user interface
  • Allows to select from application or from user interface scanning mode, brightness, thresholding, scanning area.
  • Automatic paper measurement.

The driver is compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP and with every application conform toTWAIN standard.

Usually every TWAIN application has two commands, “Select source …” ed “Acquire…” . The first one allows to select the source to be used, so you have to select in the displayed dialog the “PR2 TWAIN” device. The second command allows to acquire the image: it's displayed the driver dialog window allowing to select scanning mode (monochrome or grayscale), the brightness, the threshold (only for monochromatic), the position and the size of scanning area; using the specific button you can automatically allow the driver to auto set scanning area, measuring the paper. Give a look to your TWAIN application to get more info on scanning process.

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. This product is shipped from the manifacturer just with the printer driver, so we created a standard TWAIN scanner driver allowing to use the Olivetti PR2 Scanner from every desktop application!

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