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Barcode Recognition Library 5.0

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This sdk is a library that allows the recognition of barcodes from scanned images.

Code 39 a bassa qualità The approach used for searching and decoding barcodes from images is based on a Virtual Laserthat, as a real laser gun, scans images looking for barcodes placed in every position.

You can specify several options fine tuning the recognition process:

  • Barcode types
    You can specify the types of barcode symbols to read, setting every combination from supportated standards:
    • Interleaved 2of5
    • 2of5 Standard / 2of5 Matrix
    • 2of5 IATA / 2of5 Airline
    • 2of5 Industrial
    • 2of5 Datalogic
    • Code 11
    • Code 39
    • Code 128
    • Codabar
    • MSI / Plessey
    • PharmaCode
    • EAN 13 / JAN / ISBN
    • EAN 8
    • UPCA A
    • UPCA E
    • EAN/UPC EXT2
    • EAN/UPC EXT5
    • Code 93
    • Code 39 Extended

    On demand we could also provide support for other standard or proprietary barcode symbols.
  • Virtual Laserhead size
    You can specify the size of virtual laser recognition head: with larger size you could have recognition of damaged barcodes, with smaller size you can recognize barcode having high skew instead.
  • Virtual Lasermoving step
    It's the step for moving the virtual laser recognition head vertically across the page: with large step you improve the speed, with small step you improve the accuracy.
  • Max Expected Codes per Image
    The maximum number of codes to find and read in a single image.
  • Min Code Length
    The minimum characters length expected for each code.
  • Max Code Length
    The maximum characters length expected for each code.
  • Image Quality
    The expected image quality, choiced between Normal, Dark, Light.
  • Orientation
    The expected barcode orientation, any cambination from:
    • Left to right
    • Right to left
    • Top to bottom
    • Bottom to top
  • Check digit verification flag
    The option allowing to enable or disable the check digit verification.

In addition to these options you have to supply the monochrome, grayscale or true-color DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) to process.

With Recogniform barcode engine, the procedure of recognition is very fast and accurate: a 300 DPI A4 page, full of contents, is usually processed in less then 0.1 seconds!

The library returns the number of recognized barcodes and for each one:

  • the decoded string
  • the position and the size
  • the check-digit presence and validity
  • the barcode type
  • the orientation

To see how this library works, you can download a demo application (200 KB) that allows you to recognize your bitmap images: please give us your feedback and your comments after the test !

The software development kit for barcode recognition is available also as royalties free Liteversion different from Professional because it can reach 15 CPS as max speed. To increase the speed you can purchase multiple licenses of lite royalties free version, so that purchasing 2 licenses you will get a 30 CPS speed, purchasing 3 liceneses you get a 45 CPS speed and so on...

Some readable images:

Skewed Pharmaceutical Code
Interleaved 2of5 postal code

Pricing & Ordering Info
The library is available in two versions:

You can download our price list, including runtime royalties, clicking here

Evaluation Version
You can download an evaluation version of this product for
 Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi.
You can also download a demo application (200 KB) that allows you to recognize your bitmap image.

More Info
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