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MICR E13B Recognition Engine

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Insieme di caratteri MICR E13B History: MICR E13B font was developed in 1958 by American Bankers Associations (ABA) for automatic cheque processing. It's currently used in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and in other countries world-wide.

Standard: font print size is fixed at 0.117 inches (about 8.4 points), print density is 8 CPI.

Capability: our MICR E13B recognition engine is size tolerant and it's able to read codelines with small size variation. The recognized character set is made up by the following digits and symbols:

MICR E13B - character set

According to the picture order, the last symbols are called: BSB (or Transit), Domestic (or On-Us), Amount, Dash and, after recognition, they are respectively reported like ":" "<" ";" "=" in ASCII characters.

Accuracy: with MICR E13B  recognition engine, the accuracy reaches 100%  in case of good quality scanned images; if quality is low or medium, error rate will usually be less than 0.5%. For each recognized character a confidence level is reported, to let you to appreciate how  much accurate has been the recognition process.

Technology: our engine is based on three distinct classifiers using different methods: artificial neural network, features extraction, statistycal matrix matching. An expert system, using fuzzy rules, reconciles all the outputs obtaining the best match.

Speed: speed is linked to cpu speed. Using Pentium processors, time performance are usually included between 30 and 100 CPS.

Input: monochrome images (like memory DIB handles, Device Independent Bitmap) at resolution of 200 or more DPI are accepted in input. Better results can be obtained using grayscale images with our dynamic thresholding SDK.

Output: output is made by recognized characters ASCII codes, by confidence level and by coordinates of each area containing characters.

Platform: all of the Windows 95/98/NT/Millennium/2000/Xp platforms are supported.

Packaging: the engine is packaged in DLL format. The total size is 500 KB. No extra file is required.

Here is a sample of E13B codeline image, automatically readable with 100% accuracy:

E13B Sample Image

To test this library you can download a demo application (500 KB) that allows you to recognize codelines from your images: please give us your feedback and your comments after the test!

Here is the source code sample that uses our engine:

// Demo user function
long RecognizeMyCodeline(long CodelineDIB)

  // Declare local variables 
  long Session,Error,Lines,LineLen;
  char Chars[1024]; // We expect to have codelines with less then 1024 chars !
  single Confidences[1024];
  rect Rects[1024]

  // Init the library in evaluation mode
  Error=E13B_Init("demo","demo", &Session);
  // Check if any error occurred
  if (Error!=E13B_OK)
    // Perform the recognition
    Error=E13B_Read(Session, CodelineDIB,  TRUE);

    // Check if any error occurred
    if (Error!=E13B_OK)

      // Retrieve the codeline length

      // ===============================================================
      // You could allocate here memory for Chars, Confidences and Rects
      // using LineLen value instead to use fixed size buffers...
      // ===============================================================

      // Retrieve the codeline chars

      // Retrieve the codeline char confidences...if required

      // Retrieve the codeline char rects...if required

      // =============================================
      // Add here your code to use the recognized data
      // =============================================


    // Deinitialize the library
  return (Error);

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