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Recogniform ID Processor

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Recogniform ID Processor is the perfect solution for ID CARDS, driver licenses and passports optical recognition.

Thanks to the power of our recognition engines and to the flexibility of our image libraries, Recogniform ID Processor is able to achieve excellent results also with low quaility images.

lettura ottica carta d'identitąlettura ottica patente di guidalettura ottica passaportolettura ottica carta identitą nuova

Using a simple visual interface, Recogniform ID Processor drives the scanner automatically, using the optimal parameters according to the scanner used. Just put your document on the scanning area and in a few seconds all data of the document will be recognized and sent to file, DBMS or to your own application (keyboard emulation). Even the photo will be taken and saved.

lettura ottica documenti d'identitąlettura ottica documenti di riconoscimento

Recogniform ID Processor is the ideal solution for

  • Car Rental Companies
  • Access and visitors control
  • Car Dealers
  • Hotel reception's desks
  • Cruise and airlines check in desks
  • Banks and cheque cashers

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