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Imaging Library 5.0

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This Imaging sdk (API) allows you to work with digital images, supporting the following functions:

  • scan;
  • load;
  • save;
  • display;
  • process;
  • edit.

Images scanning is supported by scanner's standard TWAIN drivers, with or without user interface. When scanning without user interface, you can set color depth, resolution, size, brightness, contrast and enable or disable adf and duplex mode. Also a simple callback method allows you to scan multiple images in one step when automatic document feeder or duplex are enabled!

Image loading and saving feature allows to read/write images from/to disk. The most common file formats are supported as well as several compression standards. You can load and save images from/to BMP, JPG and TIF files. Multipage TIFF files are also supported; available compression schema are: uncompressed, ccitt-g4, ccitt-g3, packbits, deflate, jpeg and lzw (requires Unisys license in some countries). For JPEG files you can also set the quality factor, in order to balance the quality vs compression ratio. Moreover, the last release of Recogniform Imaging library allows you to read/write PDF multi-page files, without installing Acrobat Reader® on your PC!

Image visualization can be done using a sophisticated Scale-To-Gray algorithm that improves visualization of large images in small screen areas. You can set the zoom factor choosing values ranging from 1% to 1000%. Stretching to fit images to display surface is supported, too.

Image processing funcionality allows you to invert, rotate by 90/180/270 degrees, flip and mirror images. You can also extract sub-images as required by ICR/OCR or other tools that only need the field to process and not the full image. For each image you have direct access to the DIB memory handle, so there's no need to deal with proprietary memory formats!

Image editing is very flexible because you can use all graphic Windows API (GDI) on your images, as writing on a standard device context. Two functions allow you to get and release the DC on the images, using them as normal draw surfaces! Also you can import/export images as standard bitmaps (HBITAMP and HPALETTE).

This library can be very useful with all other libraries developed by Recogniform Technologies when you have to supply the DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) handle.

If You wish to test this library you can download the demo application (400 KB) that allows you to open and display your tif images: please give us your feedback and your comments after the test!

Here is the source code in Microsoft Visual C++ of a sample application using the imaging library:

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "recoio.c"

int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance,
                     HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
                     LPSTR     lpCmdLine,
                     int       nCmdShow)

 // Load dynamically the library

 // Init the session
 int Session= IO_Init("demo", "demo");

 long hBitmap;

 hBitmap = 0;

 // Load in memory the first image from a multipage TIF file
 hBitmap = IO_LoadTIFImage(Session,".\\test.tif",0);

 if (hBitmap>0)
   // Open the Clipboard
   // Save the DIB to the clipboard 

   // Close the Clipboard	

   MessageBox(NULL, "Image copied in clipboard !", "INFO", MB_OK);

  // Show an error message
  else MessageBox(NULL, "Unable to load the image", "ERROR", MB_OK);

 // Close the session

 // Unload the library	

 return 0;

Pricing & Ordering Info
The price of this library is EUR 799,00. The library is royalties free up to 1000 runtimes, so it can be distributed with any end-user application without paying licenses fee. If you need a larger number of runtimes, you have to buy more licenses.

You can order on-line in our e-commerce store or using our contacts page.

Evaluation Version
You can download an evaluation version of this product for
Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi

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