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Recogniform Form Designer

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When you need to design and project a form to be used with optical recognition, it's possible to optimize it in order to get the best results during the data input and recognition phases.

  • CorelDraw(tm): 
    CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa, Canada. It allows You to design your forms in a simple, fast and accurate way, giving you the opportunity to export your project in several formats ready for printing, according to your requirements.
  • Templates:
    a rich and exaustive range of examples ready to create your forms, without starting from beginning every time.

  • Detailed Handbook
    a guide, created from us, explaining step by step how to project and desing your forms, with all suggestions and tricks usually know only by expert users.

Using this tools properly, the paper forms will be able to be read successfully with every optical recognition software, expecially with our Recogniform Reader.

Please note: the results of paper forms' optical recognition are linked not only to the optical recognition software, but also to the quality of forms design and project. Don't forget this: use the right tools!

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