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OCR-B recognition engine

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History: The OCR-B font was designed in 1968 by Adrian Frutiger for Monotype. This design pushes the limits of the optical reader compared to standard fonts, but human reading is easier than in OCR-A font. OCR-B is in conformity with ISO 1073/II-1976 (E) standard, corrected in 1979 ("letterpress" design, size I).

Standard: font print size is 12 points, print density is 10 cpi.

Capability: our OCR-B recognition engine is size independent and it's able to read every font size. The basic recognized character set is made up by the following digits and symbols:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - + > < #

Accuracy: nbsp;with OCR-B recognition engine, accuracy reaches 100%  using good quality scanned images; if quality is low or medium, error rate will usually be less than 0.5%

Technology: our engine is based on three distinct classifiers that use different methods: artificial neural network, features extraction, statistycal matrix matching. An expert system, using fuzzy rules, reconciles all the outputs obtaining the best match.

Speed: speed is linked to cpu speed. Using Pentium processors,  time performance are usually included between 50 and 150 CPS .

Input: monochrome or grayscale bitmaps with 200 or more DPI resolution are accepted in input. The best results can be reached using grayscale images since a binarization algorithm is internally used.

Output: output is made up by recognized characters as well as confidence levels. Placeholders are used for unrecognized or very suspicious characters.

Platform: all of the Windows 95/98/NT/Millennium/2000/Xp platforms are supported.

Packaging: the engine is packaged in DLL format. The total size is less then 1 Mb. No extra file is required.

Licensing: application development requires one SDK license and application distribution requires payment of royalties.

Demo: a free of charge evaluation package is available upon request .

Prices: SDK and licenses prices are available upon request.

Examples: the following images are ALL automatically readable  with 100% accuracy:



The engine reads good quality images...


... as well as skewed images...


... as well as dirty images...


... as well as unfocused images...


... as well as very dark images...


... as well as very light images...


... as well as noisy images !

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