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Recogniform Interactive Zonal Thresholder

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Recogniform Interactive Zonal Thresholder is the perfect solution to interactively threshold documents, converting any grayscale or color images to monochrome images.

Recogniform Interactive Zonal Thresholder allows you to binarize disomogeneous documents using an interactive and visual approach: the user can select the thresholding method to use, the zone to process and the parameters, in order to see in real time the results, until the max quality is reached.

This product is the ideal complement for Recogniform Image Processor since it allows you to process also images not processable automatically in batch and requiring user's intervention.

Recogniform Zonal Interactive Thresholder The usage is very simple:

  • Load the grayscale or color image, selecting your TIFF, JPEG, BMP or PNG file.
  • Choose the thresholding method, selecting between fixed thresholding, auto thresholding, dynamic thresholding, adaptive thresholding, edge thresholding, background tracking thresholding.
  • See both the original and the bitonal images on the screen, scrolling and zooming to check if exist any zone requiring thresholding parameters fine tuning
  • Select the zone to be adjusted and change parameters, as contrast and brighness, watching real time zonal thresholding results
  • Save the binarized image, as TIF, BMP or PNG file


You can use all the thresholding algorhitms (fixed thresholding, auto thresholding, dynamic thresholding, edge threhsolding, advanced thresholding, adaptive thresholding, background tracking thresholding) we have developed for our Thresholding SDK

Don't wait any longer! Try Interactive Zonal Thresholder, the powerful and easy-to-use solution for user assisted thresholding!

Pricing & Ordering Info
The price for a single license is
only EUR 799,00. Discounts are available for educational istitutions and for site licenses, please ask for details.
The bundle price for the Recogniform Image Processor and for the Recogniform Interactive Zonal Thresholder is EUR 1.198,00. You can order the bundle on-line in our e-commerce store or you can contact us.
Customers of Recogniform Image Processor can buy Recogniform Interactive Zonal Thresholder at EUR 399,00. Please contact us
for details.

You can order on-line in our e-commerce store or contacts us.

Evaluation Version
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