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Recogniform Image Processor

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Recogniform Image Processor is the complete solution for batch image processing, allowing to execute image enhancement and image transformation on groups of monochrome, grayscale or color images.

Recogniform Image Processor inherits the effectiveness and the elaboration power of our SDK image processing libraries. The user has no need to create a new application every time he needs a new processing pipe: the goal is simply reached using a custom script.

Using Recogniform Image Processor is very easy: thanks to its visual interface you can create the images batch and define and customize processing parameters in a few steps.

You can create set of images (batches) in three easy ways:

  • dragging files from your folders and dropping them into the input images list;

  • using the built-in dialogs to select files and directories;

  • importing .txt files containing lists of image files to process.

  • monitoring a directory using the new "watching directory" option for each batch.

The image processing is script-oriented. This means that you can write the sequence of image processing function to apply on your images. The scripting language used is pascal-like: simple but very powerful. For usual image processing task you can avoid writing lines of code manually: using the visual interface you can leave the task to the application! Just select from popup menu the image processing function you wish to use, set the parameters required to fine-tune the operation in the next dialog box, and you will see processing script instantly self-generated!

Applying the right image processing on your images you will obtain great benefits: Optical Character Recognition accuracy is improved, file size decreases, content appearence is better: if you have to make form processing, data capure, OCR, ICR, or if you simply wish to store your images, you need this tool!

Features List

  • Batch processing
    Simply create your images batches and start the processing! It's the ideal solution to process high volumes of images: the software can run unattended overnight. You can insert specific files in a batch, or full directories, or import pre-built list of files. With the new "watching directory" option the process can start automatically as files are found in a costantly monitored directory.

  • Multi-threading
    Maximize the throughput with multi-thread technology. You can choose up to eight concurrent "agents" to use in the batch.

  • Comprehnsive file formats support
    All standard file formats are supported: TIFF (Uncompressed, Jpeg Compressed, Packbits, CCITT G3, CCITT G4, LZW, ZLIB), JPEG (JFIF), BMP, PNG, PDF (CCITT G4, JPEG), GIF. Other formats available upon request.

  • Full bit depth range
    Bitonal, grayscale and color images are supported. The color depth can be 1, 4, 8 or 24 bits per pixel!

  • Powerful scripting language
    A pascal-like language easy to learn and user-friendly, with built-in wizard to generate automatically scripts. You can use variables, library functions, conditional and loop statements, and more...

  • Large functions library
    Hundreds of functions ready to be used in your processing scripts: image processing and management, data handling and conversion, files and database access, DDE, system and more...

  • Conditional processing
    Using if-then-else scripting construct you can decide in run-time to make some processing operation only and when some conditions are verified.

  • Zonal processing
    You can define your region of interest: extract a sub-image, process only a specific area, output processed zone and/or re-applying changes on unmodified original.

  • Customizable log
    You can decide the information to insert in the log, reporting the process results you need.

  • Dual Image Viewer companion
    A viewer utility performing a double view of the image (before and after the processing) is enclosed at no extra charge. It's easy to save time making an interactive quality control! You can zoom and pan the two version of the same image at the same time with one single mouse click.

Image Processing Functions List

  • Deskew
    Straighten crooked images! Using high-volume scanners, automatic document feeder inevitably skew paper: you can fix the problem and obtain straighten images without rescan, correcting skew in full automatic way at high speed. Up to 45 degrees of skew are handled and the angle can be estimated with great accuracy in two ways: analyzing the text on the image or finding the black border around the paper. To get more info on deskew you can give a look to Deskew SDK

  • Despeckle and Noise Removal
    Remove speckle cleaning images! Scanning paper copies and microfilms, dot shading, or just dust and dirt can generate noisy images: you can fix the problem with automatic noise removal.You can determinate how large an area of speckle can be, fine-tuning the process for your images.To get more info you can give a look to the Despeckle SDK

  • Black Border Removal and Auto Cropping
    Remove black border around images! Using microfilm scanner or paper scanner with black background, this black border is produced around the image: you can fix the problem and obtain cleaned images without rescan. You can select a threshold level and choice to remove the dark border cropping the image or simply turn it white.To get more info on black border removal you can give a look to Black Border Removal SDK

  • Auto-Orientation
    Automatically detect text orientation, rotating in proper way landscape images acquired in portrait or portrait images acquired in landscape!

  • Deformation Correction
    Correct deformated images! Using microfilm or microfiches scanners is usual to get deformed images, similar to parallelograms more than rectangulars. You can fix the problem and obtain geometrically correct images.

  • Inverse Text Correction
    Change white-on-black text into usual black-on-white text ! You can fix inverted text zone allowing OCR systems to read all the data without skipping this dark boxes. A function to invert full images is also available.

  • Line Removal
    Remove lines, horizontal, vertical or both! When you're scanning forms it's very important to remove pre-printed lines before making OCR/ICR, in order to get an acceptable recognition rate. You can set several parameters to remove only the elements you wish to remove: minimum line length, minimum length/thickness ratio, max number of interruptions. The system is so smart that characters crossed by a line are repaired and reconnected after the remotion.

  • Streak removal
    Remove streaks! You can delete very thin vertical or horizontal dark or white wires generated during the scan as well as dithered background.

  • Punch Holes Removal
    Remove punch holes form your documents! Recogniform Image Processor automatically recognizes punch holes (both in european and american standard), removes it and restores the original document.

  • Smoothing
    Repair and complete broken or incomplete characters and lines! You can fix ragged images featuring poor text/drawings quality without re-scan, obtaining smoothed images.

  • Erosion and Dilation
    Erode or dilate images! Make readable dot matrix characters using dilation filter or disconnect dark characters using erosion filter.

  • Light and Color Balance
    Balance the light and the colors! Increse or decrease contrast and brightness by a custom percentage or ask the system to equalize this values automatically. Adjust gamma curve to better color/grayscale visualization.

  • Registration
    Register images, repositioning the content in the page! When you're scanning forms it's very important to register image before extracting fields and zones for processing. You can shift the image horizontally and vertically as you wish.

  • Resizing and Scaling
    Resize or scale images! You can set the width and height of the output image and choose if preserve the aspect ratio or not. Also you can resize the image but not the content or you can scale image and content. In this last option you can enable interpolation to get better result. A specific function to get grayscale thumbnails from monochrome images is also available.

  • Rotation and Flipping
    Rotate images! You can rotate images by any angle.You can flip images horizontally or vertically.

  • Color Conversion
    Convert images! Convert images from true-color, grayscale or bitonal classes with great quality. Of course you can also convert any file format!

  • File Format Conversion
    Convert file formats! Convert files in batch to/from TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and PDF format!

  • Fixed Thresholding, Automatic Thresholding, Dynamic Thresholding, Edge Thresholding, Adaptive Thresholding, Background Tracking Thresholding
    Threshold graylevel images producing monochromatic images! You can choose the preferred method, set custom parameters and obtain perfect results. To get more info on thresholding you can give a look to Thresholding SDK

  • Dithering
    Dithering your grayscale images! Convert your gray image in monochrome preserving halftones.

  • Convolution and Filtering
    Convolve the images using a 3x3 or 5x5 customizable filter! Apply image filter using a 3x3 or 5x5 matrix. You can find enges, make image sharpen, and more... The new meadian filter, mean filter an polynomial filter allow you to remove all the noise from grayscale image!

  • Color Dropping
    Drop a specific color! Instead than rescan using an Ink Drop-Out Lamp, use your color images to get a grayscale or a bitonal image with the colored form removed. You can select the color to remove (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, etc...) or find at run-time the dominant color to remove.

  • Quality Control
    Make automatic quality control! Evaluate at run-time image properties as brightness, contrast, variance, dominant color, size, bit dept, skew and orientation. It's now possible to majk automatic quality control on checks according to the Check21 U.S. standard!

  • Watermarking
    Add your watermarks to images and documents! Prevent unauthorized usage of your documents and photo adding copyright text or company logo in a specific position with a customizable transparency level!

  • Annotations, Drawings, Barcoding
    Place any combination of alphanumeric annotations (Bates Stamp), barcodes, rectangles, circles, lines on your images !

  • Merging with logical operators (OR, AND, XOR)
    Merge images using logical operators OR, AND, XOR ! You can apply masks and logos on images in a poweful way!

  • Bleed-Through removal
    Clean color images removing data and text present on back side and visible in trasparency on front side!

Befere IP >After IP

To appreciate how much Image Processor is powerful and fexible, we can look at the following example:
we suppose we have a group of grayscale images in a directory and we want to transform them into monochrome format after having corrected the skew and removed the black border.
Through a visual interface we'll be able to build the batch.

Later, with few lines of code, we'll be able to write image processing elaboration.
A visual interface will help us to write the script automatically; in fact, when user is in the scripting text area, he'll reach a pop-up menu showing a list of image processing functions simply clicking the right mouse button. For each function listed there is a dialog, which allows user to set the input parameters that will be automatically written with the function signature in the scripting text area.

Here is the script code produced automatically through the Image processing functions pop-up menu, only clicking mouse button:

// Apply DESKEW on the image 
// Range: -5/+5
// Resolution: 0,1
// Step: Automatic
// Background: Black
// Interpolation: No

SkewAngle:=ImgDeskew( _CurrentImage, 5, 0.1, 0, True, False );

// Apply BLACK BORDER REMOVAL on the image 
// Min black %: 99
// Max holes: 1
// Borders: Clean
// Clean residues: Yes

Left:=ImgFindBlackBorderLeft( _CurrentImage, 99.0, 1 );
Top:=ImgFindBlackBorderTop( _CurrentImage, 99.0, 1 );
Right:=ImgFindBlackBorderRight( _CurrentImage, 99.0, 1 );
Bottom:=ImgFindBlackBorderBottom( _CurrentImage, 99.0, 1 );
ImgCleanBorder( _CurrentImage, Left, Top, Right, Bottom );

// Apply DYNAMIC THRESHOLDING on the image 
// Mode: MinMax
// Local Contrast: 16
// Area Size: 7 x 7

ImgDynamicThreshold( _CurrentImage, 0, 16, 7, 7 );                                                        

For Each image in the batch (_CurrentImage) will be applied: skew detection and correction (ImgDeskew), black border detection and cleaning (ImgCleanBorder) and dynamic thresholding (ImgDynamicThreshold).

With Recogniform Image Processor you can do operations usually requiring a specific software using an all-in-one solution!

  • common scanning defects correction;
  • enhancement and despeckle of documents from scanner or microfilms;
  • high quality conversion from grayscale to b/w thanks to advanced thresholding algorythms;
  • batch conversion TIF to PDF (TIF2PDF);
  • batch conversion PDF to TIF (PDF2TIF);
  • batch conversion between TIF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PDF and PNG formats;
  • batch split multi-page TIFF files into one-page files;
  • batch creation of multi-page TIF files from several single-page TIF files;
  • batch creation of multi-page PDF files from several single-page PDF files;
  • automated quality control;
  • customized batch processing.

Don't wait any longer! Try our Image Processor, the powerful and easy to use solution for batches images processing!

Customer Quotes
"Thank you for your great product and prompt support..." (Scott W. - USA)
"Thank you so much for your nice scripts. It works so nicely with our images..." (KapGeun H. - South Korea);
"Thank you very much for your efforts.Your program is up and working perfectly! (Jim M. - USA);
"Thxs for replying so fast. (Pieter D.B. - Belgium);
"These look quite good -- how did you do this so fast?! Very impressive! (David W. - USA).

Price & Ordering Info
The price for a single license is just EUR 849,00!
You can order on-line in our e-commerce store or using our contacts page.

The bundle price for Recogniform Image Processor and Recogniform Interactive Zonal Thresholder is EUR 1.198,00: you can order the bundle on-line in our e-commerce store or using our contacts page.

Customers of  Recogniform Zonal Thresholder can buy the Recogniform Image Processor at EUR 399,00: contact us

Discounts are available for educational institutions and for site licenses. Please ask for details.

Evaluation Version
You can download an evaluation version of this product clicking here (14 MB)
You can also browse online the image processing script reference manual, the user manual and the tutorial

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